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I am so pleased to have Oak Rosin back in my professional life. Using some medium and then a swipe of hard has proven to be just the thing here in Toronto. A number of my section at the Canadian Opera Company liked my Oak Rosin so much, they recently purchased some from you.
The sound and the feel are wonderful. I am especially looking forward to using it this winter for Wagner and next summer and fall for the entire Ring Cycle.
Above all, it SMELLS just like it used to!
With many thanks for your gift to your colleagues,
Alan Molitz
Principal Double Bass
Canadian Opera Company Orchestra






"...grips the string superbly well and makes breaking in new hair a dream."

Susan Lipkins - Bowmaker


Most of us had used the famous oak rosin in our earlier professional days, and after Gaston Brohan died and it wasn't made anymore, we missed it and often complained to each other that we could never find a rosin as good as oak,.

Imagine my delight when, as I drew my bow over Arnold's gift, I inhaled the deeply satisfying and familiar oak-y smell of pine woods, a fresh breeze from the past! Could it be - yes, it WAS! The genuine formula OAK! It is long-lasting and has the same smooth clear tone and plenty of "tack" that I remembered so well. We were as delighted with it as Proust with his madeleine and we immediately ordered a box for our section. Thank you, Arnold Gregorian, for recapturing the past, and bring Gaston Brohan's rosin back to us!

Orin O'Brien - New York Philharmonic


"I just wanted to let you know that my rosin has arrived, I have used it, and it's absolutely gorgeous! One sniff of it brought back memories of when I started playing - I think my orchestra director must have given me some oak rosin to use and I didn't realize what it was back then. I appreciate that you have revived the recipe and are making it available."

Andi Beckendorf - Associate Editor Bass World Magazine
International Society of Bassists